Date February 1, 2017

Saiko was proud to host the visit of Tokyo indie legends Uhnellys to New York City

Uhnellys headlined the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Sakura Matsuri on April 29th, 2017


From Saitama outside Tokyo, Uhnellys are rap-poet and musical polymath Kim and his beautiful backbeat Midi.

Uhnellys (“the undulators”) are like the White Stripes only in their lineup and ability to generate a tsunami of noise from only two people. Where White Stripes are rooted in rock, Uhnellys use looped funk and soul guitar samples as a jumping off point for Kim’s febrile trumpet solos and spellbinding spoken word storytelling.

With seven albums, and tours to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia under their belt, Uhnellys reached the pinnacle of Japanese concertdom in 2011, playing Fuji Rock for the first time.

Kim’s credits also include a stint with Blue Man Group in Tokyo, while Midi imparts a visual flair to the duo’s graphic designs and web presence.