seagull screaming kiss her kiss her

Date January 2, 2015

The first and most famous, but only one of the several units formed by alt-rock legend Aiha Higurashi, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her formed in 1992–and was reborn in 2014.

Higurashi created SSKHKH when she came under the spell of the New York indie rock scene of the late 80s and early 90s. At first a girl trio, SSKHKH re-envisioned the angular buzz of the New York sound through a Shibuya-kei prism, signing with Sony for albums including 1998’s 17.

After Seagull disbanded in the early 2000s, Higurashi formed a string of influential Tokyo bands including Loves and The Girl. She also embarked on a successful career as a solo singer-songwriter, penning hits for J-pop stars like Yuki.

Last year, Higurashi relaunched SSKHKH as a sextet, rebooting the band with a gig at Shibuya’s WWW club, and releasing a career retrospective, 18.