Coppe’, Uhnellys tour NYC

Date May 7, 2019

Coppe’ and Uhnellys bring Tokyo’s underground to NYC!



The legendary “godmother of Japanese electronica,” Coppé is a pioneering vocalist, producer and collaborator with Plaid, AtomTM and diverse luminaries. For two decades Coppé’s imprint Mango + Sweetrice Records has staked out adventurous musical ground from her base in Tokyo.



From Saitama outside Tokyo, Uhnellys (“Undulators”) are rap-poet Kim and drummer Midi. Live instrumental looping is a jumping off point for febrile guitar and pocket trumpet solos and spoken word storytelling.



Takuya Nakamura

Tokyo-born composer Takuya Nakamura’s ‘s creative spectrum includes piano, trumpet, turntable and keyboard, fusing jazz, improv and electronic music with diverse artists from Quincy Jones to John Zorn and DJ Shadow.


Azumi O E

Kyoto-born onetime principal dancer of Butoh co. Vangeline Theatre. Solo work presented from New York to Beijing, Moscow to Kyoto. Azumi explores interactive tech, surround sound, stage-visual and video-art collaborations while fostering her solo career.


Willard Morgan + Ideal Orkestra

Theatrical and internationally eclectic, Willard Morgan’s Ideal Orkestra takes you back “to a place where art doesn’t give a fuck.”


Marc Urselli

Grammy award winning engineer/producer for artists from U2 to Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson to John Zorn.



Percy Jones’ fretless bass launched MJ12, forging a repertoire with drummer Stephen Moses, saxophonist Chris Bacas and guitarist David Phelps. Prog-rock, free jazz and sly humor combine in precise romps and crushing grooves.


May 25 (Sat) “Tokyo Underground Night”: Coppé (feat. Marc Urselli + Keith Witty), Uhnellys, Takuya Nakamura + azumi O E, Willard Morgan + Ideal Orkestra. Ideal Glass, 8pm, $10(adv)



May 26 (Sun): Coppé (feat. Marc Urselli + Keith Witty), Uhnellys, MJ12. Nublu, 9pm, $10(adv)