Date April 13, 2017

SAIKO, GLOBUS and IDEAL GLASS launch NYC sound + movement residency


NEW YORK & TOKYO, April 13—Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Urahara, Koenji…Tokyo’s epicenters bubble with underground music, multimedia, dance, stage and interdisciplinary expression.

Now Tokyo performance showcase SAIKO joins with NYC-based Japanese culture advocates the GLOBUS FAMILY and Manhattan arts space IDEAL GLASS to present 21st century Tokyo innovation to New York City audiences in the form of a unique residency program.

AVANTOKYO looks beyond anime and idols, digging deep into Tokyo’s ‘live houses’, experimental spaces, and black box theaters, where creators push new forms of expression in spaces unreached by mainstream media.

AVANTOKYO not only presents cutting-edge Japanese performances to New York audiences, it  facilitates interactions with New York artists through residencies at Globus Washitsu and performances at IDEAL GLASS in downtown Manhattan.

Innovative Tokyo duo UHNELLYS came to New York in 2017 as our first Artist in Residence, to headline the main stage at Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s renowned Sakura Matsuri. UHNELLYS set spectators alight with an inimitably Tokyo fusion of jazz, rock, hip-hop and storytelling shaped through avant-garde digital processing techniques.

For our Artist in Residence 2018, AvanTokyo presented groundbreaking indie-rock group BO-PEEP at stages around New York including the Sakura Matsuri and IDEAL GLASS. Formed in Fukuoka, BO-PEEP are led by vocalist-guitarist Mika Yoshimura and drummer Ryoko Nakano and have stormed stages from Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival to America’s South By Southwest.

In 2019, AvanTokyo welcomed Japan’s “godmother of electronic music” COPPE´ and a return performance by UHNELLYS. They were joined by avant-garde pianist TAKUYA NAKAMURA, butoh dancer AZUMI O E and WILLARD MORGAN + IDEAL ORKESTRA at IDEAL GLASS on May 25 and featured separately at Nublu on May 26.

In November 2020, we are pleased to host renowned butoh dancer and onetime Sankai Juku member TAKATERU KUDO for a performance at Globus Chashitsu and series of workshops to be hosted by Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute.

Founded by New York Times and Rolling Stone Japanese arts reporter Dan Grunebaum, SAIKO draws on decades of experience in presenting Japan’s avant-garde to international audiences. Apple’s iTunes and the Blue Man group have supported SAIKO in Tokyo.

The GLOBUS FAMILY inspires cultural interchange between Japan and the USA, sponsoring events at institutions including the Japan Society and Asia Society, spanning dance, theater, cinema, art, craft, and performance. The Globus Film Series is an annual event at Japan Society specializing in classic and contemporary Japanese film.   

IDEAL GLASS is an artist-run performing arts and production studio comprised of creative spaces in the East and West Village, established in 2004 by Willard Morgan.

Advisors: Koichi Makigami, Akihito Obama, Mark Rappaport, Kaoru Watanabe

ニューヨークそして東京、413渋谷、下北沢、裏原、高円寺… 東京のカルチャー震源地は、音楽、マルチメディア、ダンス、ステージ、多岐にまたがった表現で沸き立っている。

そして今、東京パフォーマンスショーケース「SAIKO」は、NYCを拠点に日本の文化を提唱するGLOBUS FAMILYとともにユニークなレジデンシープログラム形式で、21世紀の東京のイノベーションをニューヨークに発信していきます。



その第一弾として革新的な東京デュオ、UHNELLYSが2017年4月29日、Brooklyn Botanic Gardenの有名なSakura Matsuriでメインステージのヘッドラインを飾るべくニューヨークに登場。彼らは、東京ならではのジャズ、ロック、ヒップホップ、 ストーリーテリングをアバンギャルドなデジタル処理技術によって演奏し観客を魅了します。

New York TimesCNNなどに寄稿してきた日本のアート専門ライターによって設立された「SAIKO」は、国際的なオーディエンスに日本のアバンギャルドを十年以上紹介してきました。

 AppleiTunesBlue Manグループは、東京でSAIKOをサポートしています。

GLOBUS FAMILYは、長年日米間の文化交流に携わってきました。彼らは、 ジャパン・ソサエティやアジア・ソサエティで開催されるダンス、演劇、映画、美術、工芸、パフォーマンスなどを後援しています。Share: