“Ghostroads” — A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story

“Ghostroads” — A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story
Crowdfunding campaign kicks off for Japan’s first-ever rock ‘n’ roll horror film

A rock musician  is slowly going insane. He believes that he can be immortal by writing the perfect song. He is pushed along by a ghost who promises to help him. By the end of the movie the perfect song is complete: But is the musician dead or has he gone completely insane?

“Ghostroads” will feature some of Japan’s best rock bands, including The Neatbeats (“Japan’s Beatles”), The Privates (“Japan’s Buzzcocks”) and outrageous comedy act The 50 Kaitenz.

An innovative team of entertainment saboteurs in Japan is led by veteran Japanese-American producer Mike Rogers.

“I wrote up the idea and then went out to sell it,” Rogers says. “I met the presidents of many big labels. They all loved the idea.”

“They were offering me ¥10,000,000 and more…. But there was a catch… I had to work with their teams and they wanted a say in who was going to be in the movie…”

“I spoke with my co-producers and they both told me, ‘What that means is that they want to replace your bands with boy bands.'”


“So, I said ‘Thanks so much. But no thanks for now.’ Rogers’ plan is to crowdfund “Ghostroads” to the editing stage–and he’s halfway there with the Japanese campaign already.

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